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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Sunday, September 18, 2005


all new:: ATARASHII blog!

truth is, it's not really new.i've had this site long before tht of blogdrive..but,secrets out-i didnt used ths blog bcos i'm HTML dumbo!! (^_^) not to say now i'm all great with html..still there's alot to learn, but suffice to say, i'm better than i'm used to be *proudly*

anyways,from now on, this will be the site where i rant&rave about life, family, friends and just blurting out things that could&would not mean anyhting to anyone at anytime..but me!

so, people..hearie hearie:: I HAVE MOVED!!


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